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SR x Daniel Seavey

December 10, 2019

by @seaveydaniel

 Daniel is photographed in his custom The Mini, The Keycharm and our SR Friends & Family Hoodie, photography by @joe.ro


Cowhide // Python // Nile Crocodile


Black // Natural




SR Sig. Nile Crocodile


Lime Green Suede



Full disclosure (and don't hate us for it), we hadn't heard of Daniel or Why Don't We when we first met. All we knew was our long-time friend Chelsea raved about their talent and each of the band-member's personalities, so when she requested an appointment for the group to come to our Garment District showroom, we had no hesitation. All of Chelsea's praises were validated- not only are these guys uber-talented, they were great to have in office and despite being 10 years their senior, we were able to hang and chat with them for a couple of hours. Needless to say, we were taken back by each of their design prowess and overall humility as young pop stars.


Daniel opted to go with a clean, simple design that would match his everyday wardrobe while maintaining a stand-out look. We utilized a black cowhide primary w/ accents in natural matte python & SR Signature Nile Crocodile Strap. Lastly, for an unexpected color pop, we lined the piece with Lime Green Suede and our painters added a subtle drop-shadow monogrm 'DS.' We included our detachable Nile Croc KeyCharm for one final pop.


We hand delivered Daniel's product while on an LA trip and he blessed us with the short performance below.






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