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August 22, 2019

by @fatmankey

Design your own version of The Mini here



Hair-On Calf // Cowhide


Black // Red // Bright Pink




Cherry Red Suede // Bright Pink Suede


SR Sig. Nile Crocodile // Hand Painted Tips



As long-time fans of Atlanta's Two-9 collective, KEY! is someone we've wanted to work with for years. After being introduced by mutual friends, KEY! wanted to create a piece to coincide with the release of his So Emotional project with producer Kenny Beats. We utilized aspects of the project's art to create a unique version of our product, The Mini. We started with a black hair-on calf base knowing that this would bring forward the pops of cherry red and bright pink in the two-tone zipper and top loop. To further customize the piece, we went to celebrity barber Esco to have KEY's heart logo shaved into the front of the piece. KEY! requested SR's Signature Nile Crocodile strap, which we then hand-painted the scale tips cherry red and pink to further highlight the project's color scheme. Lastly, we finished it off with a two tone cherry red and pink suede interior.









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